Is your child struggling in school, at home, or with their friends? Do they need a little extra support learning the skills needed to move through life’s transitions, such as divorce or a new school. Has your child experienced a trauma they need support moving through? Does your child struggle with excessive worry or feelings of anxiety? Is your child acting out because they don’t yet have the skills to express what they are feeling and ask for the support they need? Are you needing support as a parent with this hard space your family seems to be in?

Learning ways to manage stress, anxiety and worry life brings can benefit their everyday life and the everyday life of the family unit. The therapeutic relationship is a place where you and your child can learn to have compassion for yourselves when life gets hard and gain more resiliency to bounce back to a place of ease in your day to day activities and relationships.

I believe that everyone has the capacity an ability to thrive. In therapy a safe container, along with the support you and your child need to move through the tough spots in life is created. Therapy provides a place where you can rewrite your story and really be seen. This allows for you to be able to grow together and learn new ways to show up that work for your child and family. My therapeutic approach is child centered with an attachment trauma informed lens, using evidence-based practice, mindfulness, somatic awareness, art and play.