Are you having trouble communicating with your child’s other parent about your child’s schedule, their day to day needs, and/or overall parenting views.

Do you want support navigating co-parenting with your ex-partner or current partner. Divorce and creating a new co-parenting relationship can be challenging. So can seeing eye to eye with your child’s other parent on parenting. We can support you.

What is Co-Parenting Counseling ?

A confidential support lead by a licensed mental health counselor, to help you in the process of developing a co-parenting relationship that contributes to your child’s overall health and development. Typically 7-12 sessions with clear structure and goals.

What Can Co-Parenting Counseling Help With?

1.Creating the co-parenting relationship that works for your family and aligns with your values and desires.

2. Making decisions regarding important aspects of your child’s life (the school your child attends, medical decisions, team sports, etc.)

3.Developing new ways of communicating that support a healthy co-parenting relationship.

4. Identifying the decisions you feel comfortable making separately for each household.

5. Shifting the focus from past hurts to the present and the future. Beginning to see each others strengths as parents and recognizing the unique ways you each contribute to your child’s life.